Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is at the heart of digital transformation for every enterprise. Its goal: creating value from insight generated by connected assets throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturing and supply chain.

Interaction between machines, products, people, processes and enterprises triggers positive change at every level.  Now, you can unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth.

Technology and Finance

Support for the technologies that will help you meet your transformation challenges and accelerate your business innovation. While you are with us we encourage you to challenge us and we will challenge you to push the boundaries of creativity.

We cover mainly, technology in sports and renewable energy.


Every educational institution and authority needs to think hard about digital innovation. With technology developments, such as virtual reality already making an impact in the classroom, we cannot imagine what the digital world will offer students even five years from now.

To make the very best of this digital future, we need to do more than be prepared in terms of infrastructure, application development, new communication models, and so on.

We also need to know how to manage costs, so that the benefits of digital innovation in education are available to all.